Hi there, we are Bintang (left) and Melia (right), the 10 years BFF behind Goodiebox.

We have this idea of "surprise in a box" over a year before we decided to start running the business. We realized that gift giving has been in our culture (for as long as we live!) and would like to highlight the joy of giving a well packed gifts. Our close friend came out with the name "Goodiebox" and we thought OMG that's perfect!! So we went on with the name since then

We're a lifestyle brand specializing in gift boxes and themed hampers. We kinda provide "surprise in a box", cause our initial idea was to make gift-giving as easy as possible and as surprising! 

Other than our gift sets, we also provide customized box for bridesmaids / groomsmen, wedding & events souvenirs, etc. If you're looking for gifts... think of us. Think Goodiebox! Now let's be BFFs!